Ediz TARIK: Evening dresses unique for 2016

Fashion designer Tarik Ediz He began his career in a boutique in Turkey in 1987. The creations of great transformation took place in 1996 when he created a prom dress for his daughter, Damla. So with humble beginnings, Tarik Ediz It is currently one of the most famous designers, its occasion dresses They are held in the most sophisticated events, the personalities of the fashion world. The new clothing line includes both classic elements with which we have already used, and the hot trends of the moment. In the new collection we find Long evening dresses, prom dresses, Dazzling and graceful. The material they are made of Tarik Ediz dresses is especially silk, Stylized with embroidered details in an exclusive manner. Models dresses are elegant structure mermaid dominating priority.

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Chromatic tones are dynamic, lively, specially chosen for delicate feminine silhouettes.

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