Frida Kahlo, a different WOMAN

With this enigmatic Frida Kahlo is a resounding name. Father of surrealism, Andre Breton, Frida said it “a ribbon around a bomb“. Born on July 6, 1907, Frida Kahlo belongs to a world in which essential attributes are surrealism and indigenous traditions. His portraits are included in naive art, guided by a motto that we have left legacy: “He never dreams. I paint my own reality.” Opera healthy emblematic feature NeomexicanismuluiIncorporates a highly complex symbolism with a correlation directed to physical suffering, but also to landmarks Mexican mythology. The explosion of vibrant colors, dramatic symbolism and primitive style are the three main elements of self-portraits of Frida Kahlo. Exuberant personality persist over years. Stained clothes that actually hiding a physical trauma (leg have a disability, gained after a serious accident) remained a mark of fashion's. Also hairstyle to Mexican indigenous origins preserved in weather trends.

Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo

These are some modern models of beauty, inspired braided hair mysterious beautiful Frida.

Frida Kahlo Surrealist art remains an enigma, a woman fighter, the tragic sweet! ❤


Black means courage. Black means beauty. Black means priceless."These are words that model Sudanese origin,Nyakim GatwechThem is accused said when that skin is too ... black. calledQueen of Dark (Queen of darkness), nyak demonstrates that everyone has the right to a normal life. No matter race, religion, sex or color. For me, nyak is an example to follow, a really beautiful woman, with some outstanding esthetic features, even perfect. At 24 years,Queen of Dark He became famous all over the world. Her splendid shapes and skin color have propelled it into the top rated models of the moment. Modesty with which it shows the origins and beauty that speaks of elegance eliminate discrimination put the value of nyak.

queen of dark queen of dark queen of dark queen of dark queen of dark queen of dark

Queen of Dark It demonstrates once again that female beauty has no hardship as a perfect woman is one who has skin like milk and sizes of supermodel. Beauty means to be yourself / yourself in a changing world. Beauty means freedom of thought and senses! ?

EMILIA CLARKE, THE BEAUTIFUL Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones

We were all fascinated by beautiful Daenerys Targaryen in HBO Game of Thrones, Shielding novel "A Song of Ice and Fire"Written by George RR Martin. Charismatic and talented actress Emilia Clarke has been named in 2015 magazine Esquire as the sexiest woman alive. Born in the UK, in London and raised in Berkshire, Emilia Clarke Isabelle Rose Eufemia end, in 2009, University Drama Center.

emilia-clarke film

In 2010, played in the film Triassic Attack (dinosaurs attack), in 2012 in Spike Island, in 2013 in Dom Hemingway, in 2015 in Terminator: GenisysAlongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2016, we see three films: Overdrive, Voice from the Stone and Me Before You.

Emilia Clarke

In 2013, following the huge success of Game of ThronesHe was nominated for Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress. Emilia Clarke has been proposed for the role of Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of GreyBut she turned down the role because of excessive nudity.

emilia-clarke actress


Mother Dragon won the admiration of fans thanks to his performance and remarkable naturalness.

There really is life after divorce Stars

What is the divorce? Certainly, life! And what if you're the star and divorce? Definitely go on the red carpet and stand in the spotlight. No tripping, not fall, just smile and enjoy the beauty that offers you a celebrity! Six of Hollywood women have shown courage after they divorced.

Jennifer AnistonKnown as America’s Sweetheart and billed as the sexiest woman of 2016, in 2005, he was leaving the famous actor Brad Pitt. Beautiful confident star walked the red carpet even after the end of marriage.


One of the most sensual women of the moment is undoubtedly Scarlett Johansson. Is it any thought was abandoned by Ryan Reynolds who lergat arms cracking Blake Lively? Here's how it appeared in the spotlight in 2011! Radiance and sensational!


The international Heidi Klum fashionable shocked the world when they announced his separation from singer Seal in 2012. The divorce seems to have propelled it among the most beautiful Hollywood stars.


In 2012, actor Russell Brand divorcing Kate Perry, Which does not shine damages the splendid singers.


One well-known Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria and she went through a divorce. Tony Parker was the one to go wrong, deceiving Mignon actress. At present, forms a couple with Eva Longoria Eduardo Cruz, Penelope and Monica Cruz brother.


Equally famous was unexpected, and the separation of Demi Moore actor Ashton KutcherWhich currently has formed a beautiful family with Mila Kunis.

So ... there is life after divorce!


Queen Rania of Jordan is one of the most fascinating and beautiful women on the planet and also is a mother who works hard. Besides solving targeting his country queen walking his four children by car and cook the most tasty chocolate chip cookies!

Originally from Kuwait and from a Palestinian family midsize Rania of Yassin was busy making a solid career, when I saw Prince Abdullah of Jordan. Five months later, only 22 years old, Rania was married Prince and together they founded a wonderful family. In 1999, King Hussein of Jordan called him his son, heir to the throne Prince Abdullah. At 28 years old, Rania became the youngest queen in the world. When not busy caring for his family, the beautiful queen of Jordan is a modern royalty, which is dedicated to achieving the right to education for girls worldwide.

Queen rania iordania Queen rania iordania

Queen Rania of Jordan said he did not consider a royalty completely. "80% of the time I spend it like any other mother: I worry for my husband and children, I wonder if it's good. The rest time between calculated and responsibility to be the queen. " The day begins for her like any other mother. He is preparing children for school. "Is the usual chaos of the morning, when I make sure that children are ready for school, they had breakfast. "

Queen rania iordaniaQueen Rania says she has mixed feelings about the situation that the eldest son of his father will be the successor to the throne of Jordan. "Mother of me wants him to have a normal life and be able to experience things like any teenager, to make friends and not be subjected to such pressures. " Despite his son's royal status, Queen Rania says she works hard to ensure that children have some modest.

Queen Rania says she wants most as a son to understand that the most important thing is to be loved by others "The popularity is when you have everything. But being liked by others only if you treat people with respect and show them kindness. "

Queen rania iordania Queen rania iordania

Although wearing a royal title and lives in a palace, Queen Rania of Jordan does not take everything as it comes. "There is no day that does not worry me. Besides that I need to take care of my family are still six million people in my country to be thinking at all issues concerning our country and everything we are concerned. "

To communicate with his people, and even the world, the queen uses her blog, Facebook account and YouTube channel, and Twitter has more than one million users that follow. "My virtual self can get closer to some people than I can get physical. "

Queen rania iordania

To teach people to be tolerant, Queen Rania wrote a children's book, "Instead of sandwiches " (“The Sandwich Swap”). It is a simple story of childhood, but in adults, both in the West and the East have learned. "If we look into each other's eyes, if we continue to go back each other back, then we are never face to face. "

Queen rania iordania Queen rania iordania

But after age 40, Queen Rania says she has the soul of a child.

Wrinkles me occurred when I was not careful! Now go through the shops, and one clerk asks me if I want to try a wrinkle cream. I always say that actually wanted to talk to someone else.

However, Queen Rania says she is willing to adjust to aging. "We are programmed to believe that time is our enemy, take some of us with his passing and makes us less worthy. We found that had the opposite effect on me. Life is perfect harmony. Only our perception of them is wrong. "