Born on March 14, 1985, in South Africa, designer Sophia Webster conquer the fashion world's internationally with its fascinating shoes that bring to the forefront a world of flowers and butterflies. Colorful and full of vitality, shoes created by Sophia Webster denotes a breathtaking elegance. stiletto sandals is the benchmark of the collection Sophia Webster accesorizarii because their oversized butterflies, ready to take flight.

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A collection of unique shoes, exuberant and radiant!


No matter how much we would like, we see often forced to give up the fabulous models of shoes that cause us pain, we filled blisters or mountings and we turn into victims of orthopedic diseases. You can look for these inconveniences because we have found the most comfortable heels! From now on, live up will not involve any trace of discomfort! Heels nice and comfortable will be a dream come true. The truth is that I was so often disappointed with a gorgeous pair of shoes, which proved amazingly comfortable in store for us then kill legs when wearing it. But here there are shoes that make miracles happen: shoes from Botta!

pantofi Botta


Botta uses over 11 years, fabulous accessories. Botta shoes, from ballet practice and pan in the highest and terrifying stilettosProve incredibly comfortable. How can you be sure you are buying the shoes are really comfortable so much as pretend to be? First, check carefully creators perimeters shoe shapes and harmony between them and the appropriate height heel. Botta shoes have a special design, soft and flexible touch, specially designed to absorb shocks. The material keeps its shape for a long time, even after several behaviors by and allow ventilation foot primary issues that need to be considered when you buy shoes.

Botta occasion shoes

Advantage of the shoes from Botta is the Poron revolutionary technologyIe including memory foam that adapts perfectly to your foot, reduces the shock of impact. Botta shoes not only incredibly comfortable, but amazingly frumosi.Arunca a look at the models of shoes from Bitta below are must have a summer 2017! You will find in the summer collection from Botta designs one and only one: we fell in love sandals YellowThat meet the love for metal inserts of the moment, and the color block that satisfy our thirst for vibrant hues. It matches perfectly with both jeans fringed with white dresses and summer!

golden sandals

What woman does not dream of a pair of slipper of Cinderella, get her out of trouble each time you want to shine? Now we can enjoy the most beautiful Used shoes from the world! Art prints, pop art and glam finishes, snake skin and gold and silver are the favorites to summer parties.

Shoe prints

Even if you are among the happy who reach the altar this summer certainly know at least one woman who is searching for that perfect pair of shoes for the best day of her life. Antioboseala technology and pains, wedding shoes from Botta are perfect for all dances mad and bustle that is part of a bride.

bridal shoes Botta

We can not conclude this list without bringing about shoes! considered accessories moment, pads will match all outfits in trend now. You look perfect match: a fascinating shade of electric blue, suede and revolutionary technologies above all, these shoes are a must-have among 2017 summer accessories from Botta! And for those moments when you quit the heel, just for the sake of diversification, I recommend a pair of platform sandals, fringe and eclectic tones!

HOW CAN YOU DO NOT fit the shoes to be worn

Many of us have pair of shoes that we wanted it as part of the shoes we have at home and while every woman has at home a pair of shoes that although he likes, can not be worn. Nuisance shoes should not be mandatory when it comes to shoes that you and want, and below you have a whole host of tricks that will help them out of the box and start to feel like a diva on your heels.

1. Use a hair dryer to its broad

Generally things heat dilates. Put your two pairs of thick socks and his shoes toe shoes that you want to widens. Set your hair dryer at medium temperature, and then walk it all over them.

2. Use their soles

You can make and the only talpicii! Find a fabric similar to a T-shirt and cut by the shape of a shoe. Then stick it with adhesive in the shoe and let it dry for an hour. That will make it much easier to bear.

3. Use deodorant

It is not unpleasant odors, but that deodorant can prevent corns.

4. Put ice in shoes

Make a disposable bag, usually used in food, water, shoes, and then leave them in the freezer overnight. Water will expand as it freezes and will make shoes to expand without any changes.

5. Change them heeltaps

Help us when we do not want to give up a pair of shoes that we love. Heeltaps right can make a pair of shoes to be more comfortable than you'd expect!

6. Replace the plastic with textile material

We all know how inconvenient can be sandals with straps and plastic, especially if heeled sandals that we need to maintain balance. The good news is that we can replace them with plastic strips in a lightweight, which ensure comfort, such as a few slices of a scarf.

7. The footwear protects Beeswax

It is used as a protective layer, if applied across the entire shoe, then dried with hot-air gun. The result is that the wax layer will prevent dirt and water absorption, so as not cleaning your shoes need to be intense and so she damaged.

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI extravagance and luxury shoes

Known in the world of fashion as one of the most extravagant and creative designers, Giuseppe Zanotti always stands out with elegance and style you emanate each pair of shoes. Born in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, Giuseppe Zanotti He began his career as a fashion designer names like Fendi and Valentino. Since 1995, he created his own shoe shop. His creations are special stilizatii decorated with precious and delicate and feminine motifs. Some of the most beautiful pieces signed by Giuseppe Zanotti They are stiletto sandals. They are made of leather and accessorized with glossy applications.

Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti

For the end of year 2016 designerul Giuseppe Zanotti proposes models of elegant footwear: sandals, occasion, sophisticated boots, boots exclusive.


designer vietnamiez Lanvy Nguyen It believes that luxury, quality and tradition is the primordial elements of the modern fashion. Exhibitionist and extravagant designer Lanvy Nguyen and presented Shoe CollectionWhich in recent days has made headlines on the Internet: the shoes are made of leather and carved wooden platforms thicker after wonderful art Pagoda. Ancient influences and traditionalism fiery pillars are entire collections of shoes that front 3-inch platform sole and 6 inches tall. Each pair of shoes are made by artisans company Fashion4Freedom in about 18-22 days. Residue from wood and skin are taken in the poor villages and the money raised from the presentation of fashion line are donated to orphanages in Vietnam.

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Fashion4Freedom acting under great brand Saigon Socialite.