Frida Kahlo, a different WOMAN

With this enigmatic Frida Kahlo is a resounding name. Father of surrealism, Andre Breton, Frida said it “a ribbon around a bomb“. Born on July 6, 1907, Frida Kahlo belongs to a world in which essential attributes are surrealism and indigenous traditions. His portraits are included in naive art, guided by a motto that we have left legacy: “He never dreams. I paint my own reality.” Opera healthy emblematic feature NeomexicanismuluiIncorporates a highly complex symbolism with a correlation directed to physical suffering, but also to landmarks Mexican mythology. The explosion of vibrant colors, dramatic symbolism and primitive style are the three main elements of self-portraits of Frida Kahlo. Exuberant personality persist over years. Stained clothes that actually hiding a physical trauma (leg have a disability, gained after a serious accident) remained a mark of fashion's. Also hairstyle to Mexican indigenous origins preserved in weather trends.

Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo

These are some modern models of beauty, inspired braided hair mysterious beautiful Frida.

Frida Kahlo Surrealist art remains an enigma, a woman fighter, the tragic sweet! ❤

Bridal flowers in her hair

Simplicity, naturalness and beauty return to the former, ancestral nature is reflected in the freshness bride with flowers in her hair. What could be more delicate and more beautiful than natural flowers braided in hair woman in the most important day of her life? roses romantic, jasmine pure, peonies ardent, sweet dianthus, orchids questionably lavender Toilet, margaretele and sisters, flowers field, Blueberry twigs cling beneficial in a dance of color and pampering perfection smell. Candor flowers spill over modern bride. A bit of the old days painting the new times, giving them a cure immortal: the natural. Romantic or loving aesthetics, bride with flowers in her hair is enveloped in an elegant amazing.

Bride with flowers in hair Bride with flowers in hair Bride with flowers in hair Bride with flowers in hair Bride with flowers in hair Bride with flowers in hair

Natural floral wreaths It is not only a trend of fashion's current approach but also a desire for childhood memories.

Bride with flowers in hair… and beauty comes from nature! 👰💐

TREATMENT keratin. HEALTH and shine!

Keratin Treatment It is one of the most popular and modern of treatments and hair straightening. If the best treatment? Undoubtedly, yes! There are many ways you can turn your hair, but keratin treatment has the greatest impact and long lasting results.

If you do not know what the procedure entails, here's what you should know: Keratin is the protein responsible for the brilliance and strength of hair. This protein is found naturally in the body but it reduces with age. And while you can reach a deficiency of keratin hair.

Keratin treatment is a fairly simple procedure. Hairstylist wash your hair with a shampoo with keratin and it will apply a conditioner. Then a substance containing keratin to be applied to the hair, after it was dried. Thereafter, the hair is going to board. Keratin Treatment for several hours, but the result lasts usually about three months. Of course, during treatment with keratin depends on how often hair tau.Totodata, its duration varies depending on the texture of the hair, how curly is and how good care of your hair once was pointing.

Many opinions say treatment with keratin is a solution for women whose hair becomes dry, fluffy, shrivels and does not shine.

Mistakes we do when we paint alone at home

You choose to paint the home to save money and time. But if you want to look like you just got out of the room, you must be careful, lest you make these mistakes.

1. You very clean when you paint the hair

Do not wash per day before you paint. There are people who argue that the paint better catch unwashed hair, but the real reason is that natural hair oil protects your scalp from irritation and you will not feel like you sting.

2. Radical changes color

No experiments sudden when you paint the house. Home Paint yourself with a shade or two darker or lighter as desired.

3. You paint the same color as the hair eyebrows

I have seen many girls who eyebrows same color hair, but it is totally wrong. If all you have left little paint, why not use it on the eyebrows? Look ugly and you risk giving and painted eyes.

4. Follow the instructions for use of paint

Even if you feel that all the paint is applied equally, read the instructions carefully and you might conclude that you were wrong. Some have mixed in a tube or in a container, others apply to wet hair. Also, observe and times.

5. Do not use permanent paint if you have fewer gray hairs

If you have less than 30% white hair, it does not make sense to use permanent paint because it harms the hair. Semi-permanent dye can be very effective in this case. Moreover, make hair soft and shiny.


Are you tired to use plate full of hair and beauty products for hair straightening chemicals? You can try Hair masks with natural ingredients. They make hair softer, straighter and easier to arrange.

Here are some ideas for straightening hair with natural products:

Shampoo with coconut milk and lemon juice

The two natural ingredients make hair softer and help straighten hair. Mix one cup of coconut milk juice of one lemon, apply it on hair like a conditioner after you washed with shampoo, let it act a few minutes and rinse with warm water. For best results, repeat this treatment twice a week.

Hair mask with banana and milk

Bananas are a rich source of nutrients that keep hair strong and healthy and help straighten hair milk. Mix these two ingredients in blender until it turns into a puree, apply it on your hair and leave it on your hair to dry. Rinse and use a comb to remove hair faster banana.

Honey and olive oil, coconut oil and milk

Another idea straightening It is to mix a cup of honey 3 of olive oil, half a cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Put them in a pot over low heat, stirring continuously, and when the mix begins to thicken, cooker and let it cool. Apply it on your hair cool, cover hair with a plastic mask and let it act about 2:00. After two hours, wash your head with shampoo.

Olive oil mixed with egg

It seems that olive oil in combination with egg help straighteningAll you have to do is mix them well and massage your hair with them. Leave it on the hair until it dries, then wash it.

Hair mask with strawberries, milk and honey

This mask not only will make your hair silky, but will offer a pleasant smell. Mix blender cup milk 2 tablespoons of honey and half a cup of strawberries. Apply this mixture to damp hair and let it act 2:00.

Rinse your hair with beer

Beer contains proteins and B vitamins that strengthen the hair and helps to regenerate. Also, beer is ideal as hair loss treatment. The alcohol in beer helps cleanse the scalp, gives hair shine and moving it.