Spring 2018 brings new models manicure

Manicure spring 2018 is one fire, vibrant, full of hope and style. Based on slightly square shape nail expertsnails art we propose manicure models accurate color. Both the trend is in flower, and the various paintings, some traditional look, while others with a strong modern influence. Do not miss any golden glitter model ombre nails. Also nacre with relexii 3D points and streaks remain important landmarks of manicure spring 2018.

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For autumn 2016, specialists nail art we recommend models Nail gel to overflowing energy. Monochrome nails are no longer in vogue, which are standards of monotony. Ombre nails, animal print, watermarble with flowers and fruits remain on the leading positions this season cool!

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Manicure designs you who you like?

Manicure Trends for Fall 2016

Manicure It is an important aspect of fashion and runway trends began to be exemplified in terms of Manicure for fall 2016. Round nails are the center of attention this season. Regarding nail-artCPC, here are the main trends:

The geometry of the nail It is a very interesting trend and at the same time abstract. You can choose a color stripe light background, for well-defined geometric shapes, contrasting or complex patterns with stripes. Also, you are free to do it on a nail, the post accent or all nails.

geometric painting

The trend of negative space is used The minimalist design this time. It remains largely unstained nail and nail art is made in thin stripes or geometric shapes. This trend complements of geometric shapes.

french black nails

metallic shadesElectrical or inspired by various gemstones back in force. However, remember that this trend works best when worn alone and not when it is included in manicure with nail art.

metal nails

While metallic colors are preferred in this season, finish the nail must be matLess shiny. Also, you can play with a combination of the finish mat and the pearl to form an interesting design.

nail mate

colors classical remain trendy and fall ahead.

classic nails

neither ombre trend (Gradient) does not seem to disappear from the top manicure autumn 2016. Let the colors dissolve into each other or apply on your nail ojele in several layers using a sponge you.

ombre nails

stains and drops They are part of trends in manicure this fall. You can use a fan brush to nail art to create visible traces of the brush or a toothbrush that no longer use to create splashes of color over the base.

Nail splash

And last but not least, accessories the trends are a must have this fall in terms of manicure. From rings midi to nail piercings, metal foils manicure applications can all be used to create a great artistic manicure.

Tinkerbell comes alive on our nails

Colors, flowers, butterflies, stripes, dots and Tinkerbell will rest on our nails this summer! modern manicure We provide the most spectacular nail with which we meet summer 2016 was swirling color, contrast color perfect one. ombre nails, watermarble, glitter si manicure fruit Summer gives us freshness and a return to childhood.

nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers nails flowers

All you need to take into account is keeping track of manicure elegant. specialists nails art We propose eliminating color overload that causes unsightly and a striking visual chaos.


ombre nails or gradient is a must-have of the season spring-summer 2016. Offering elegance and refinement, models manicure shadow They can be matched both casual outfit sites, as well as the office or occasion. Realization ombre nails It is based on using gradient color tones belonging to a same color.

ombre nails ombre nails ombre nails ombre nails ombre nails

Experts nail art this summer we recommend that you apply nail designs ranging from famous animal print, Paintings of fruit and flowers.