“Less is better”- the new rule manicure 2018

I think it should not be used too many words to show that 2018 is a year quite permissive regarding manicure models recommended by experts nails art. But, as before, I go on the premise that “less is better”.

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This manicure you choose for spring 2018?


Do not you know that nail models which carries the warm season? Course stripes, flowers, small items and accessories are the trend in 2017. Here are some of models manicure experts recommend that we nails beauty!

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Nails to you which model you like?


Manicures cute and fun for the spring season are based on creativity and elements combined in the most ingenious ways. Floral patterns continue to be a rich source of inspiration for many manicurists and prints, graphical models and other specific season, adapted modern trends. It's time to share your love story by colorful manicures and get inspired from these few little details.

pasta nails 2017

Modistele around the world see manicure un accesoriu deosebit care sa completeze tinuta si machiajul. Evidentiaza-ti personalitatea si experimenteaza o multime de amestecuri de culori dupa modelul celor prezentate mai jos pentru manichiuri dragute si distractive, care sa incante privirile tuturor celor din jurul tau.

pasta nails 2017

Picteaza-ti unghiile cu o baza fabuloasa si incepe sa aplici bucati de culori adorabile, modele florale, buline, imprimeuri florale sau animale pentru a-ti transforma unghiile intr-o adevarata opera de arta. Daca doresti sa te limitezi la o paleta mica de culori, vezi cum se comporta o nuanta neon, pastelul delicat si nuantele neutre, cand sunt combinate toate in cadrul aceleiasi manichiuri.

pasta nails 2017

Manicures cute and fun is a perfect idea to get out of the monotony! Free manicures delightful inspiration from these ideas you happy. Keep the color palette trends multitone or elegant, depending on your mood, and you'll get the best results.

pasta nails 2017

These cute and fun manicure that you present them in photos in the gallery are designed to get you in the spotlight.

pasta nails 2017Nu te teme sa experimentezi, sa incerci culori sau aplicatii pe care nu le-ai mai utilizat, si exerseaza modele cat mai originale si, de ce nu, complexe. Arata-ti talentul artistic recreand cateva dintre exemplele minunate prezentate de noi in aceste fotografii cu manichiuri dragute si distractive. Aplica imprimeurile de mai jos pe unghiile scurte sau lungi.

pasta nails 2017
Fanele manichiurilor ar trebui sa se pregateasca pentru noua generatie de artisti care nu au limite cand vine vorba de manichiura. Urmareste pasii manichiuristelor tale preferate si incepe sa exersezi cu ajutorul acestor modele adorabile. Aceste idei de manichiura sunt extrem de frumoase si potrivite oricarei varste. Aplica pete mici sau dungi, daca te pregatesti pentru un eveniment de ocazie. Pe de alta parte, evenimentele formale cer rafinament si feminitate, iar in aceasta situatie poti purta cele mai sexy imprimeuri florale sau modele de epoca, pentru a te invalui in mister si, in acelasi timp, pentru a iti oferi un aer sofisticat si select.

pasta nails 2017Gate's hottest shades of the latest collections and make sure you only use quality products to get the desired results. Now it is very easy to get manicures nice and fun!
pasta nails 2017

If you like this style models presented by us not hesitate to recreate them on your nails and you will surely be much admired wherever you go. You can inspire and to invent their own designs. Their imagination and play with fun designs full of creativity. Banish monotony of monochrome models adaptable manicures, where you can use various applications, sparkles abtipilduri, glitter, jewelry ...

Manicure holiday season: A SHOW OF COLORS

Reindeer, snowflakes playful, pine branches and more adorn glitter manicure Christmas 2016. specify colors are red, white, green and gold. It will also recommend applying semi-permanent nail polish on the nails of which has multiple benefits: it has resistance up to 4 weeks, protects the nail scrapping and not affecting as it does in the gel.

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you who model nail you like?


Art manicure has grown great lately, especially as it quite fast approaching holiday season, good time for the ladies to show off manicured nails. Among the most popular nail gel are mirror nails, nails animal print nails with flowers and cats nails with applications, sparkles nails and nails with dots and stripes, magnetic nails.

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You know what model you choose?