Santa Claus and snowflakes, manicure MODELS WINTER 2017

Winter holidays bring us always, optimism unmatched, sprang like a land of peace and beauty. And when it comes to holidays and winter, talk, mostly about Christmas. I guess not the only one who believes this day is magical, shrouded in a cheerful, but at the same time calm and pure. In recent years, thereFashion ChristmasA pristine winter fashion transposing a contrast of color vibration. If, when we were little, that now about 20 or 30 years, we were eager to receive gifts, well hidden under the pillow of Santa and his "disciples", which later I found out that actually were parents or grandparents, behold, now we are amateur fashion trends, which more or less extravagant. Maybe we wasted our idea simple and natural beauty or that each period has its conceptions. One of the most inventive sides of modern beauty ismanicure. Defined as a redoubtable card of a woman (because do not forget that great insight is common sense in all)manicure Renews garb very often. Incessantly arise all sorts of models, which more or less sophisticated, although beauty experts do not give up no matter what the pattern of the classic simple and natural. For Christmas,manicure modelscommonly found are those snowflakes with sprigs of fir, sparkling ornaments, reindeer and Santa or snowmen. These small applications childhood remind us of old, perhaps this is why the approval, at this time, a more vivid colors and an abundance of nail painting.

Christmas nails Christmas nails Christmas nails Christmas nails Christmas nails Christmas nails

With such nail, Santa will definitely come! ? ☃️