Pedicure most beautiful models of the moment

For summer 2017 beauty specialists recommend us Pedicure models bold, slightly extravagant, attention-getting colors and shapes by vibration. it carries models pedicure accessorized with glam details, the polka dots and geometric patterns. model Burberry pedicure It is in vogue in the summer. Also models with fruit, flowers and water leitmotifs is a must have summer.

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french pedicure maintains its lead in the ranking of most popular nail of 2017.


Along with painting, pedicure It is a way of beauty, addressed especially in summer when we wear sandals and we see nails. Who says pedicure and it can not be raised to the rank of art, as happened with manicure? specialists nails art I propose for this summer Pedicure models energetic colors. For aficionados of green natural, experts recommend nail designs with flowers and gargarite, while, models with aquatic motifs They are dedicated amatoarelor beach holiday.

pedicure pedicure pedicure pedicure pedicure pedicure pedicure pedicure

Also, pedicure french He has won a particularly meaningful ranking of the most used models coloring nails. Applications still wearing glossy, but must take into account the minimalism and naturalness. The animal print and manages to capture the pedicure this summer.

Explore how you can manage even Pedicure

Summer is the season where you have to take care of our feet the way you look. Nails must be perfect and the skin on the heels must not betray that you do not have time to deal with pedicure. Although it seems a little odd, is that every woman he can only pedicure. It is not very difficult, you should not make large investments to buy utensils and time you win you can use it otherwise. Here's what to do to pamper your feet only:

1 pedicure

1. The first step you need to follow is to prepare your feet. This will be a relaxing time. You need a bowl of warm water in which to add bath salts. For 15-20 minutes, let your feet soak in the bowl. Sea salt will help rid much faster trodden thick layer of skin thickening and small.

pedicure pedicure

2. After you have kept your feet in salt water, they should exfoliate. A salt scrub based on removing dead cells is ideal. To remove the thickened skin on heels, you have to use blades or, better, a pumice stone. Careful! Do not use these tools only once a week!

pedicure pedicure

3. After you got rid of the dead skin, will remove cuticles and filing nails. You prepare such angle to be covered with nail varnish preferred. You need a special stick to push cuticles, because it would be preferable not to cut them. After you “solved” cuticles, you have to cut your nails, as straight as possible. Nail corners to be square so as to avoid their incarnation. Then you can switch to filing nails.

pedicure pedicure pedicure

4. After you have finished cut and filed, you must clean your nails well to remove any dirt. To apply nail polish, you need a separator fingers, especially for pedicures. This will help you not dirty fingers together. Lake applied from the inside, in one motion.

pedicure pedicure

5. After you dried nail polish on the nails, following hydration. The ideal would be to apply a special cream for the feet, because the skin in this area is much thicker than the rest of the body.


Pedicure este una dintre ramurile importante ale aesthetics feminine. O femeie moderna stie ca, alaturi de o manicure impecabila, pedichiura reprezinta o carte de vizita in relatiile cu ceilalti, mai ales pe perioada verii, atunci cand purtam sandals or flip-flops. Am ales pentru voi cele mai frumoase modele de pedichiura, recomandate de catre beauty specialists pentru 2015. Avem la dispozitie pedichiura monocromatica, stripes, puncte uniforme, aplicatii glamour, motive florale, pedichiura animal print or french.

you who Pedicure models va plac: cele cu aplicatii glamour sau cele in culori dinamice?


Si pentru ca in articolele precedente am avut ca subiect de discutie manichiura anului 2015, iata ca a venit randul pedichiurii in articolul prezent. Nu trebuie sa ne lasam inselate de faptul ca, daca este iarna si nu lasam unghiile de la picioare la vedere, pedichiura nu necesita o atentie deosebita. Dimpotriva, ritualurile de ingrijire si de infrumusetare ale corpului nu au un timp al lor.

Frumusetea exterioara, ce include o ingrijire desavarsita a unghiilor, este o regula de aur, caci, nu de putine dati, personalitatea noastra este raportata la ceea ce imbracam, la ce ruj de buze folosim sau la ce stream aplicam pe unghii. Am pregatit pentru voi o galerie foto cu models pedicure care sunt propuse de catre specialisti pentru acest an! Sper ca va vor fi de folos!

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Pedichiura anului 2015 abunda intr-o multitudine de modele, culori si forme. Inca se poarta forma patrata a unghiilor, precum si cea rotunda. Unghiile stiletto devin un must-have al anului 2015, atat in ceea ce priveste manichiura, cat si pedichiura. red nail polish ramane preferata tuturor, dar pedichiura ombre, water marble and half moon isi fac loc printre noile trend-uri ale anului in curs. Animal print ocupa locul fruntas in clasamentul pedichiurii, dar sa nu uitam ca pedichiura french nu pierde teren in sezoanele urmatoare, ci prinde aripi. Elementele glamour, aplicatiile glitter fac parte din portofoliul pedichiurii anului 2015.