Knitted cap, a must have timeless

Knitted hat It is “regina” accessories this winter. Remembering with nostalgia the times sweet childhood, the diligent handling of undrelelor grandmother, the smell of wool yarn, knitted hat preserves flavor last time. Now it is chic to wear handmade cap (Just as we like to use words “Fashion”). But in reality, knitted hat Timeless is a must.

winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hatComing bundled with thick knitted scarves, wool hats are essential winter cold.

MODELS beanies winter 2017-2018

Considered by many ladies of today an obsolete or outdated piece of clothing, from my point of view cap is still a chic accessory and necessary, especially in winter. Even I did not know what to wear, lately, in terms of caps… so I started looking on the internet. We found these gorgeous models of hats. Most are made of wool. All are bathed in wonderful colors and are decorated with glossy accessories. I really like colored berets. There are modern and can be worn both with a casual outfit, and with one elegant. But I like the hat and the allure of the interwar period. Floral motifs are a part of the collection of hats below.

winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat winter hat



Crochet beanie to wear in any season

Did you think you can wear knitted hat only in winter? It is wrong! Fashion experts tell us that this piece of clothing can be accessorized any season! Here are some models crocheted hat to me I was fascinated!

crocheted hat crocheted hat crocheted hat crocheted hatcrocheted hat

Care knitted hat patterns you like?