Want to go to sea and do not know what model nail Wear your bathing suit? Here are some nail gel that will get you out of trouble!

Nails with floral and fruit, nail applications, and vibrant shades of yellow, coral or fuchsia will help to attract all eyes!

GATE swimsuit that matches your body shape

A must-have accessory the summer wardrobe is, surely, swimsuit. Whether you go to the beach or the sea, swimsuit It must highlight your figure and make you shine. Let's find out together how we choose the bathing suit according to our body shape!

If you have small breastsThen look push-up bras with whales and avoid the ones with foam pads. Bureteii remain wet after the suit was dry does not look natural. Point your attention to bras whales the bottom or the half-cup (demi-cup) which will enhance an attractive bust.

For women with large breastsThe most important thing you must consider is to support the breasts. Many Swimsuits They are cut with pre-formed cups and whales under the breasts, in order to support them better. Straps should be wide because they are more convenient, do not leave marks on the skin and will add extra support.

If your hips are wide and have big assLooking a swimsuit to cover your critical area, but a slip dress little or turtle. Because your hips look narrower, slip must be in a dark color.

If you have short legs, Perfect swimsuit will have to create the appearance of longer legs. Two-piece swimsuits, tip tankini (Top like a shirt) are some of the models that will come as well. You can also create the impression of a longer body and if you wear a knit pantyhose and a bra printed or highly colored. Preferred are linear embossments.

If you tummyTry whole or swimsuit pantyhose type “body control”. They contain that model the abdomen and it shrinks, such as spandex, lycra and neoprene.

If you have thick waist or waist of all, you can have a chic silhouette wearing bathing suits or turtle entire whose slip is high. a swimsuit with waist beltWith stitching or Smocking winding will give the impression of a slim waist.

If you're too weak, Opt for swimwear two partsPrinted to draw attention to the hips and bust line.

If you're tallYou can wear the strangest bathing suits with prints and applications in the hips and bust. Sequins, stones, buckles, ruffles, bows, panglici- everything works perfectly!

If you are fullChoose swimsuits containing material very elastic, not feel tied down. Search for costumes integers lace or mesh inserts. A strategically placed cut V-neck or you can radically change the image.


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