The most beautiful models manicure 2018

To be elegant, you do not need is a little imagination, style and good taste. Current trends in manicure propel us to all kinds of models, which more or less intricate, bizarre, some impossible to wear because great was my surprise when I saw that there Nail creatures dead encapsulated with 100 layers of nail polish, fur with tiny aquarium. When you have such a diversity of models nails do not want than simplicity!

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What do you say? There are models of perfect manicure for women who love elegance?

Manicure traditional motifs: MEMORIES IN NAIL

Traditionalism, a word with connotations “cumbersome”, Geometric rigor is required in most areas beauty. Know… For some, the traditional means past, everything is old, while for others, has a strong impact on traditional modern. Honestly, keep the polygon in both categories: I like everything that historical flair, old, with amitiri priceless, but I wink and the traditional implementation date. I selected a few images in article Winter manicureWith traditional trends, and that is: points and straight or curved lines. This kind of painting seems perfect for a classic woman, elegant and confident. Choosing colors is one pretentious. Sober colors are interspersed between glossy shades. They are intertwined fine lines and delicate. Points bring more refinement manicure Traditional.

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Nothing can be more beautiful than to see how the past merges with the present, as in times of old memories merge with modern, as wire traditions still blends with new. Do not forget that beauty comes from simplicity time yesterday! 🤗💅


Want to go to sea and do not know what model nail Wear your bathing suit? Here are some nail gel that will get you out of trouble!

Nails with floral and fruit, nail applications, and vibrant shades of yellow, coral or fuchsia will help to attract all eyes!


Do not you know that nail models which carries the warm season? Course stripes, flowers, small items and accessories are the trend in 2017. Here are some of models manicure experts recommend that we nails beauty!

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Nails to you which model you like?