The most beautiful models manicure 2018

To be elegant, you do not need is a little imagination, style and good taste. Current trends in manicure propel us to all kinds of models, which more or less intricate, bizarre, some impossible to wear because great was my surprise when I saw that there Nail creatures dead encapsulated with 100 layers of nail polish, fur with tiny aquarium. When you have such a diversity of models nails do not want than simplicity!

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What do you say? There are models of perfect manicure for women who love elegance?

New nail nail polish semipermanent

If you want a manicure impeccable and lasting, but your nails are not strong and polish you use is not persistent, then it's time to turn to semi-permanent nail polish. Not invasive semi-permanent nail polish It lasts 2-3 weeks on nails, sometimes even four weeks. What is important to know is that semi-permanent nail polish does not affect at all the nail, on the contrary, it gives health and vitality. Chromatic this summer is one overflowing. specialists beauty We recommend nail polish in shades of green, blue, red, adjacent tones. Diversity is the main element of manicure with permanent nail polish. Thus, two adjacent nails will not receive the same shade.

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Keep nails shaped square easy to express a maximum dose of elegance and freshness.

Find out gel nails MODELS OF SPRING 2017

When talking about painting, we see a new trend in 2017: to wear Nail gel. Women of all ages experience different Nail gel models. Fortunately, there are many sources of inspiration to choose a manicure model. They differ depending on the shape of the nail and style you prefer. The only constraint to maintain flawless condition of your nails is to use the services of a professional or to learn which consists of the application of the gel.

2017 Nail gel

Nail gel patterns round It shows many advantages. Rounded or oval nails are more resistant and produce delicacy, femininity. Fashionistas who complain nail manicure gel thin can try. Indeed, it looks much better shape if nails are short. opt for simple nail for work or a more active lifestyle.

2017 Nail gel

Undoubtedly, a square nail, won the hearts of ladies around the world. Nail gel patterns of squares They are extremely elegant According the both fingers are long and thin and the thick. It also can form optical thin and elongate fingers. In 2017 I was impressed models of natural nails easily achieved using high quality products. Go back to basics and trying to strengthen your nails using cosmetics or natural tricks. Latest manicure trends spring-summer 2017 vFane need of the described blind nail art designs to us natural, home made.

2017 Nail gel

short nails They are very practical. This model nail relieves many headaches. A manicure can compromise your unkempt look. Opt for models natural nails short if you are a busy person, and false nails not an alternative for you. In recent seasons we have noticed that there is a tendency to embrace eclectic models nail art.

2017 Nail gel

Details glowing elements have become favorite fashionistas. Using glitter shades or dusty metal to create special appearance for different natural nail designs simple or french nail designs. Manufacturers of such accessories fail to impress experts nail art with new colors and interesting textures. Mixes glamor with a base mat or nude for a stylish and traditional.

2017 Nail gel

The surest way to compose a flawless look is a great manicure. new french nail designs in 2017 Gel made inspire refinement. For a fresh look combines pure white with a transparent basis. On the other hand, if you are afraid of novelty and nonconformity, exploring new models with gel nails. Choose 2017 colorful nail designs peak.

2017 Nail gel
2017 Nail gel

Inspire yourself from new Gel nail and be trendy!

TRENDS IN SPRING 2017 Manicure

Follow new trends for Nail's models 2017! Reinvent yourself manicure! Inspire yourself from these pictures nail. A perfect manicure will give you added confidence. It is said that painting is the mirror of a person. Nail shape and color of nail polish betrays a woman's personality. And because we are different, this season we offer a selection of nail 2017 the most interesting patterns and color combinations. Mix different lengths with prints and decorative elements for a more discreet look extravagant. Choose to wear according to your personality Gel nail round or sharp natural nail simple french nail color or simple nail or acute short.

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Inspire yourself from new nail trends for 2017! ????

Nail for Christmas and New Year 2016-2017

Manicure It became recently an art. Because winter is quite fast steps aporpie with specialists nail art we propose nail modern. Glitter site continues to lead in this winter, while vibrant models gives us freshness and energy. Animal prints and geometric shapes accompany the manicure winter 2016. For Christmas and new Yearexperts beauty We recommend glamor shades of gold and silver, painted nails in fine lines.

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